Everything stays fresh

Pangkat Panels are top of the line insulated panels. From frozen foods to flowers to fine wine, poultry to live penguins.
Pangkat Panels are designed, manufactured, and installed with your assets' best interests in mind.

A cutting-edge manufacturing process

Where the core material Polyurethane foam is machine injected into the surface material. This ensure density and strength, while reducing thermal conductivity and refrigeration costs.

Free Standard-Compliant Architectural Planning and Consultation

Which focuses on space optimization and compliance to the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point,HACCP,standards certification. This is a value-adding service from us, so you build your rooms right, right from the drawing board.

Camlock panel connection system

With zero condensation at joint, an precise alignment allowing 100% insulation to insulation contact. Assembly and disassembly of structured panels prove easier and faster.

Customizable panel size and heavy-duty door options

Be it swing or sliding, door options include opening size, strip curtains and heaters.


Pangkat's passion for technology and enthusiasm for engineering led to its further product and manufacturing process development, resulting in increased product quality, and installation efficiency. These developments made way for a foresighted trend customization.

Substantial investments were made to ensure compliance to manufacturing safety, health and environmental standards. Absorption of higher costs to create extra value for clientele became a much appreciated business philosophy at Pangkat.

Pangkat exports signature product - Pangkat Panels to countries in the Southeast Asian Region.

Today, decades of research and development since its humble beginnings, Pangkat Panels is an established and trusted brand of structural insulated panels with an extensive portfolio of satisfied clients.